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Sonari Lingerie

Sonari Sudha Bra

Sonari Non Padded Saree Blouse Bra (Sudha)

Sonari's Sudha is latest collection of cotton bras for superior comfort. These bras are tailor-made for Saree Blouse and Salwar Kameez ensembles.
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Sonari Kesar

Sonari Non Padded Hosiery Cotton bra (kesar)

This stunning collection of Hosiery Cotton Bras from Sonari adds to its latest range. They are available in 3 must have colors of Black, White and Skin.
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sonari vandana non padded bra

Sonari Non-Padded V Neck Bra (Vandana)

Simple yet elegant lace styled bra from Sonari. They are available in 3 everyday colours of Black, White and Skin.
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Bra,Sonari,Sonari Non-Padded Cotton Bra (Kimi)

Sonari Non-Padded Cotton Bra (Kimi)

Feel the touch of classic elegance and old school fashion with this soft cotton bra. This feather-like cotton bra is non padded and non wired, thus making it a no hassle bra, each time! The bra boasts full coverage and gives excellent fit to the bustline
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Bra,Sonari,Sonari Non-Padded Full Coverage Bra (Health)

Sonari Non-Padded Full Coverage Bra (Health)

Soft hosiery bra provides the touch of comfort and convenience, all in one. This non padded bra is simple yet so high on class. Provides ultimate fit to the entire bustline and its full coverage makes it a no hassle superior touch bra.
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Sonari Alfa

Sonari Non-Padded Full Coverage Bra (Alfa)

Comfortable and classy, this V neck lace designed bra comes in 3 everyday use colors of White, Black and Skin.
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Bra,Sonari,Sonari Lycra Non-Padded Bra (Loreal)

Sonari Lycra Non-Padded Bra (Loreal)

Go ultra glam with fancy colours from Sonari’s exclusive range of lycra bras. This bold pink is made of stretchable lycra fabric but so soft and gentle, that it feels like wearing air on skin.
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Bra,Sonari,Sonari Seamless Hosiery Bra (Omania)

Sonari Seamless Hosiery Bra (Omania)

This fantastic option of hosiery bra from Sonari does not feel like a bra but a dress in itself. The hosiery is soft, comfy and stretchable for superior fit. The bra is non padded and non wired too!
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Bra,Sonari,Sonari Full Coverage Satin Bra (Soniya)

Sonari Full Coverage Satin Bra (Soniya)

Stunning satin bra that feels like wearing divinity on skin. The bra is elegant and the comfort levels are high as it is non padded and non wired, making it a non hassle bra to wear. It fits the bustline perfectly and gives fantastic contouring too
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Sonari Smile

Sonari Seamless Tshirt Bra (Smile)

Sonari’s stunning collection of cool and casual t-shirt bras that are made of hosiery cotton and are moulded.
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Bra,Sonari,Sonari Cotton Full Coverage Bra (Kirthika)

Sonari Cotton Full Coverage Bra (Kirthika)

A bra that is just the right pick for salwar kameez, saree blouse and all classic Indian attire. Sonari’s non padded cotton bra is simple yet boasts superior comfort and fit around bustline.
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Bra,Sonari,Sonari Seamless and Moulded Hosiery Bra (Violet)

Sonari Seamless and Moulded Hosiery Bra (Violet)

For those who desire no-hassle, classic fit and style bra, this is the answer! This hosiery bra from Sonari is simply classic yet totally high on comfort levels. The bra is non padded and no wired too!
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Sonari Nursing Bra

Sonari Full Coverage Feeding Bra (Nursing)

Sonari’s Nursing range of feeding bras in Black, White and Skin colors. It is non-padded and also gives full coverage.
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About Sonari Lingerie

Sonari is considered to be one of the largest lingerie manufactureres across India. It's mission is to craft comfortable bras that suit the needs of Indian Women. Over the years, Sonari has become the most preferred, trusted and above all, the most comfortable lingerie brands in India.