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Saree Blouse Bra Collections

Worn by everyone in India, this versatile outfit requires an equally versatile bra. This is why lingerie makers have come up with an all-new category called saree blouse bra. The apt bra to wear with saree will be low enough so that it does not peep out of the saree neck and it should have a thin band in the back that should not play peek-a-boo with the back of the blouse. Go for a bra that has a deep cleavage and a thin band that should provide adequate support to the breasts, the whole evening.

It is advisable to select a saree bra that matches the color of the blouse to avoid color transfer and the fit has to be correct. If the band is loose then the bra straps will be see slipping through the sleeves of the blouse. Featuring a large selection of saree bras from popular well-known brands; Jockey, Juliet, Lovable and Sonari.

Bra,Libertina,Libertina Embroidery Bra (Tiara)

Libertina Embroidery Bra (Tiara)

The Libertina Tiara Bra comes with full-support cups that offer complete coverage too. With no wiring and padding, the bra is a comfortable choice. The seamed bra gives a better fit that you’ll simply appreciate. You’ll love the full embroidered look of the cotton bra and the pretty little bow at the centre. Put on the bra under a salwar kameez, saree blouse or any other dress of your choice for a flattering silhouette.
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Bra,Libertina,Libertina Cotton Bra (Freedom )

Libertina Cotton Bra (Freedom )

The Libertina Freedom Bra is free of padding and wiring that makes it an absolutely comfortable choice to keep on all day. It being a seamed bra, you’ll notice the better fit and really love it. The bra is made of cotton, so you can expect the moisture to be wicked away for a dry and comfy feel. With a secure hook and eye closure at the back, you can customize the fit of the bra. From salwar kameez to saree, you have a range of dresses you can wear with this Libertina bra and look simply gorgeou
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Bra,Libertina,Libertina Cotton Bra (Kriss Cross)

Libertina Cotton Bra (Kriss Cross)

.If you are looking for a decent shaper bra that will also give you plenty of support, then the Libertina Kriss Cross Bra is the go-to choice for you. It offers full coverage and has horizontal seaming that conveniently take care of the shaping and support requirements. It is made of soft cotton that feels gentle and delicate against the skin. Add to it the absence of wires and padding, and you have a bra that is supremely comfortable to wear anytime of the year. With an open back design, you ca
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Bra,Libertina,Libertina Cotton and full Hakoba Bra (Anika)

Libertina Cotton and full Hakoba Bra (Anika)

The Libertina Anika Bra has a pretty feminine look with its royal Hakoba design. It is made from high-quality cotton that you can happily wear in any season. With its full coverage and horizontal seaming, the bra offers plenty of support. It is neither wired nor padded and that makes the Libertina bra a real comfortable choice. It has a deep neckline and an open back, so you can try out a variety of saree blouses with different neck and back designs.
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Bra,Libertina,Libertina-Empress Cotton Strap (Empress-CS)

Libertina-Empress Cotton Strap (Empress-CS)

You’ll love the embroidered cotton fabric of the Libertina Empress Bra that is breathable and absorbs moisture to keep you dry and comfy in any weather condition. It has firm cups for a shapely look minus wires and padding. With full coverage, you can expect additional support. This Libertina Bra comes with elastic cleavage for breathing comfort and the curved contour band on the bottom rests gently against the skin retaining shape throughout. Adjustable cotton straps, wide sides and hook and ey
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Bra,Libertina,Libertina-Princess Cotton Strap (Princess-CS)

Libertina-Princess Cotton Strap (Princess-CS)

If you are looking for full coverage and lots of support and comfort, the Libertina Princess Bra is a great choice. It is a superior shaper bra without the hassle and discomfort of wires and padding. You’ll love the gentle lift that’ll transform the look of any dress you choose to wear. The wide band keeps the bra in place, while adjustable cotton straps and three rows of double hook and eye closure offer a secured and customized fit. It is made of supreme cotton that makes the Libertina bra a
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Bra,Libertina,Libertina-duchess Cotton Strap (Duchess)

Libertina-duchess Cotton Strap (Duchess)

The Libertina Duchess Bra is made of superior cotton fabric that keeps you cool and comfy in any climate. Spoke-stitched cups offer a shapely look to any attire you don, while the circular stitching lends extra support without the discomfort of wires. The Libertina with its open work seams is completely smooth under your dress. The cotton straps are adjustable for a perfect fit every time. Deep front and back let you try out a range of neck and back styles in blouses and churidars.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Sonata Bra

Juliet Sonata Bra

The Juliet Sonata Bra is a great pick for regular use. It is made of cotton hosiery that makes it soft to touch and gentle against the skin. No wires and no pads make it that much more comfortable to wear throughout the day. With a deep front, you can confidently wear this Juliet Bra under low-cut necklines. The cute little bow highlights the feminine look.
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Bra,Daisy Dee,Daisy Dee Bra (Fairy)

Daisy Dee Bra (Fairy)

Designed to offer all-day comfy wear, the Daisy Dee Fairy Shaper Bra is perfect for everyday use. It is made of soft cotton, which offers durable use. This full coverage bra is non-wired and non padded to offer a snug fit. You can wear this cotton bra with salwar kameez, saree blouse, t-shirt or any other outfit.
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Bra,Daisy Dee,Daisy Dee Full Coverage Comfort Bra (Charishma)

Daisy Dee Full Coverage Comfort Bra (Charishma)

If you’re looking for a bra that offers all-day comfort, go for the Daisy Dee Charishma Bra. This comfort bra offers full coverage. Non padded and un-wired, this shaper bra moulds to your curves to offer a snug fit. This bra is made of cotton that is breathable and durable. Style accents include embroidery details on the top half of the cups and a small bow at the centre. The straps can be easily adjusted for a custom fit.
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Bra,Daisy Dee,Daisy Dee Modern Backless Bra (Backless)

Daisy Dee Modern Backless Bra (Backless)

Comfort meets style in this Daisy Dee Modern Backless Bra. This seamless bra is non padded and un-wired to give you all-day wearing comfort. Made of soft cotton, this backless bra is breathable and offers durable use. It has thin straps and deep v-neck, so you can layer this bra under most outfits, from saree blouses to t-shirts. A tiny bow at the centre gives it a decorative touch.
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Bra,Daisy Dee,Daisy Dee Pure Cotton Full Coverage Bra (BodyBeautiful)

Daisy Dee Pure Cotton Full Coverage Bra (BodyBeautiful)

The beauty of the cut and style of your salwar kameez or saree blouse will be accented only with the right type of innerwear. The Daisy Dee Body Beautiful Bra enhances your curves to give the perfect finish. It has a deep v, which makes it suitable for use even with low cut dresses. The non padded cups offer a snug fit and oodles of comfort while the adjustable straps let you customize the fit according to your comfort. This full coverage bra is made of breathable cotton, and is suitable for eve
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Bra,Prestitia,Prestitia Underwire Lace Bra (1016)

Prestitia Underwire Lace Bra (1016)

Designed with a lot of feminine allure, the Prestitia Non-padded Bra is an absolute wardrobe essential. You’ll love the floral lace detailing and the little bow at the centre that makes it a perfect choice for any bridal trousseau. With proper underwire support, it gives you the boost you need. Adjustable straps help you customize the bra for a proper fit.
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Bra,Prestitia,Prestitia Regular Bra (1015A)

Prestitia Regular Bra (1015A)

Looking for a bra for regular wear? The Prestitia Bra made of cotton hosiery is a great companion that feels comfy and nice day after day. The non-padded design adds to the comfort factor. This regular bra offers full coverage and goes well under a saree blouse, churidar, kurta, T-shirt and more. The little bow detail in the centre lends a cute, feminine appeal.
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Bra,Prestitia,Prestitia Cross Fit Bra (1009)

Prestitia Cross Fit Bra (1009)

Designed to offer optimum comfort and support, the Prestitia Bra features a cross fit construction. This non-padded bra has a deep v neckline and offers full coverage. Made of cotton, it is soft against the skin and provides durable use.
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sonari vandana non padded bra

Sonari Non-Padded V Neck Bra (Vandana)

The Sonari Non-Padded V-Neck Cotton Bra is the perfect pick for saree blouses and salwar suits. It has sectioned cups that firmly support and shape the bust. This bra has a V neckline on the back and double hooks for a snug and secure fit. The slim shoulder straps allow you to adjust the fit accordingly. This everyday bra features lace trim and bow detail at the neckline for added elegance.
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Sonari Nursing Bra

Sonari Full Coverage Feeding Bra (Nursing)

The Sonari Non-Padded Cotton Nursing Bra is a welcome solution for new mothers. This bra made from cotton is designed with opening cups for comfortable breastfeeding. The shoulder straps are adjustable and the seamed cups provide support.
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Sonari Kesar

Sonari Non Padded Hosiery Cotton bra (kesar)

Redefining luxury and style, the Sonari Non-Padded Hosiery Cotton Bra is made from 100% combed cotton for innate comfort. The seamed, wire-free cups offer support without digging into the skin. The neckline is wide and embellished with a bow in the centre. The thin shoulder straps and hook-eye closure offer room for adjustment. This cotton hosiery bra is the perfect choice for sarees.
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Sonari Alfa

Sonari Non-Padded Full Coverage Bra (Alfa)

The Sonari Non-Padded Bra features elegant hakoba design with soft, seamed cups, which provide full coverage. It has adjustable shoulder straps and hook-eye closure. Ideal for tees and salwar suits, this non-wired hakoba bra is perfect for everyday use due to its lightweight cotton material and comfortable design.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Cushion Strap Wire-Free Bra (60884)

Juliet Cushion Strap Wire-Free Bra (60884)

Made from smooth and soft cotton, the Juliet Non-Padded Bra offers a combination of comfort and support. The soft cups are panelled into sections to provide ample support and lift. The broad, shoulder straps are cushioned so they are gentle on the skin. This full-coverage bra has a natural V, scalloped neckline accented with a bow at the centre.
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