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Saree Blouse Bra Collections

Worn by everyone in India, this versatile outfit requires an equally versatile bra. This is why lingerie makers have come up with an all-new category called saree blouse bra. The apt bra to wear with saree will be low enough so that it does not peep out of the saree neck and it should have a thin band in the back that should not play peek-a-boo with the back of the blouse. Go for a bra that has a deep cleavage and a thin band that should provide adequate support to the breasts, the whole evening.

It is advisable to select a saree bra that matches the color of the blouse to avoid color transfer and the fit has to be correct. If the band is loose then the bra straps will be see slipping through the sleeves of the blouse. Featuring a large selection of saree bras from popular well-known brands; Jockey, Juliet, Lovable and Sonari.