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Juliet Bra & Camisole

Bra,Juliet,Juliet Underwire Bra (Cool)

Juliet Underwire Bra (Cool)

Juliet Underwire Bra is the ideal bra for teens. It flaunts a hosiery cottony cup with fragile embroidery. Stunning as it looks, it is also ideally called the shaper bra because it easily slips into any attire to give it the right fit. This lacy bra also shows off a horizontal seaming.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Seamless Moulded T-Shirt Bra (Shay)

Juliet Seamless Moulded T-Shirt Bra (Shay)

Ultra glamorous and highly feminine, this bra is made of stretchable lycra fabric. The bra is non padded and non wired for a no fuss wear and easy to slip on, anytime. It is a moulded, seamless, stretchable and adjustable too, an all in one pick.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet  Non Padded Cotton Bra (Chandini)

Juliet Non Padded Cotton Bra (Chandini)

Simple yet elegant, this cotton full hakoba bra from Juliet comes with soft cotton fabric. Its full coverage and hakoba embroidery work makes for a wonderful pattern. This bra is non padded and thus no fuss while wearing it.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Hosiery Bra (915)

Juliet Non-Padded Hosiery Bra (915)

Go sensuous with this feather like touch of hosiery cotton bra. It is non padded and non wired, thus making it non fussy to wear. The deep cut of V neck makes it a highly feminine bra.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Printed Bra (917)

Juliet Non-Padded Printed Bra (917)

Go fun with this soft cotton printed bra that goes great for all ages. This hosiery cotton bra flaunts a polka dot design for those young and crazy moments. It is non padded and non wired with vertical seaming line.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-padded Shaper Bra J920

Juliet Non-padded Shaper Bra J920

A complete must have shaper bra from Juliet that will give the perfect shape and perfect fit for any bustline. It is non padded, non wired, no fuss bra with a medium deep neckline for a glam look. The polka dots design makes for a fun look, each time!.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Padded Lycra Bra (J921)

Juliet Padded Lycra Bra (J921)

Understated and highly classy, this padded bra from Juliet is also the ideal teen bra. Bra comes with a simple look but is high on quality and convenience. This Hosiery Cotton bra is strapless and non wired too for a no fuss wear.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Double Loop Bra (Dew)

Juliet Non-Padded Double Loop Bra (Dew)

Simplicity best suits the definition of this non padded bra from Juliet. Simple, understated yet totally chic and comfortable, each time! This non padded cotton hosiery bra can be worn everyday with saree blouses, salwar kameez, square neck, and scoop neck dresses and is also an ideal teen bra.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Hosiery Bra (Holt)

Juliet Non-Padded Hosiery Bra (Holt)

Go wild with this fiery Red Hosiery cotton bra. This cotton bra is non padded, non wired, and thus a no fuss wear! Made of stretchable lycra material, it can be stretched for the perfect contouring and fit.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet  Non-Padded Lycra Bra (Lisa)

Juliet Non-Padded Lycra Bra (Lisa)

Pick one for those newly wedded nights, this non padded bra is made of soft lycra fabric that can be stretched and made to fit each body, perfectly! Non Padded thus no fuss to wear at all…
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Moulded Shaper Bra (Sakhi)

Juliet Moulded Shaper Bra (Sakhi)

Juliet’s shaper bra comes with feather like cotton hosiery fabric. It is easy to slip on in gyms or can be worn in beaches or for outdoor wear. The bra is moulded and seamless too. Wear it with t-shirts, with wide necklines, with scoop necks or any other teen attire and look effortlessly young and chic.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-padded saree blouse bra (Sarangi)

Juliet Non-padded saree blouse bra (Sarangi)

A tribute to the Indian Woman, this simple yet classy saree blouse bra is the ultimate comfort bra to go with the Indian attire. The bra is non padded and non wired thus making it a no fuss wear. This cotton bra comes in brilliant shades to choose from.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Cotton Hosiery Bra (Twin)

Juliet Non-Padded Cotton Hosiery Bra (Twin)

Simple, understated yet elegant and high on comfort. This definition best suits the pink cotton hosiery bra from Juliet. Feels like air on the skin and the bra can be stretched too, for max comfort. The bra is aptly called the shaper bra as it fits perfectly and shapes up the bustline, as desired!
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Moulded T-Shirt Bra (Dipti Mold)

Juliet Moulded T-Shirt Bra (Dipti Mold)

This lycra bra from Juliet is next to wearing air on skin…as divine and sophisticated as you! The cotton hosiery lycra bra is light to wear and also no fuss as it is non padded and non wired too. Wear it with almost any attire be it salwar kameez and saree blouses or even the modern attire like t-shirts and wide necklined dresses.
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