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Prestitia Active Sports Bra (1017A)

Ramp up your practise in the gym without worrying about feeling uncomfortable with the Prestitia Active Sports Bra. This bra is non padded to offer comfort and snug fit. Plus, the design of this gym bra offers maximum freedom of movement. Made of soft cotton, this t-shirt bra is breathable and comfortable. It is suitable for regular use, and offers durable use. A tiny mesh window at the centre adds a decorative touch.
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Prestitia Sports Bra (1007)

A bra that supports, lifts and offers all-day comfy wear! The Prestitia Sports Bra is perfect for wear during strenuous exercises or gym sessions. It’s made of cotton that’s soft, breathable and easy on your skin. The straps can be adjusted for a flexible fit. This gym bra offers full coverage and lets you move comfortably without chaffing your skin. You can also wear this full coverage bra with your regular outfits as well as special dresses.
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Bra,Prestitia,Prestitia Teen Bra (1004)

Prestitia Teen Bra (1004)

Designed to enhance and support the growing curves, the Prestitia Teen Bra is a good choice for first time users. This t-shirt bra has a seamless construction, and doesn’t chaff against the soft skin. Plus, it is non padded to offer a comfortable fit. Made of soft cotton hosiery, this teen bra is breathable and offers all-day comfy wear. Thin straps, bow at the centre and lace work give it a feminine appeal.
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Bra,Prestitia,Prestitia Padded Bra with Florals (1023)

Prestitia Padded Bra with Florals (1023)

The Prestitia Floral Bra is designed for style as well as support. One look at it and you’ll be charmed by its pretty all over floral print. The underwire support offers the lift and the padding gives a desirable shape. The deep and wide neckline makes it the go-to bra for any outfit you choose to don. If you’re putting together your bridal trousseau, this Prestitia Bra will be a handy pick. Made of supreme cotton, it is the right choice for all weather conditions.
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Bra,Prestitia,Prestitia Cross Fit Bra (1009)

Prestitia Cross Fit Bra (1009)

Designed to offer optimum comfort and support, the Prestitia Bra features a cross fit construction. This non-padded bra has a deep v neckline and offers full coverage. Made of cotton, it is soft against the skin and provides durable use.
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Juliet Bra & Camisole

Bra,Juliet,Juliet Underwire Bra (Cool)

Juliet Underwire Bra (Cool)

Designed to give maximum comfort, the Juliet Underwire Shaper Bra can be layered under a saree blouse, strapless dress or any other outfit. This bra has a wide neckline and comes with translucent straps that can be used when required. It’s made of soft cotton and features delicate lace work on the cups.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Cotton Bra (Nari)

Juliet Non-Padded Cotton Bra (Nari)

The Juliet Non-Padded Bra offers full coverage, and is great for everyday use. Its non-padded design and horizontal seaming ensure a perfect fit and comfy wear. Embroidery details on the top front and the pretty bow between the cups add to its feminine allure. This cotton bra can be worn with a saree blouse or a salwar kameez.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Maskina Non-padded Cotton Bra (Maskina)

Juliet Maskina Non-padded Cotton Bra (Maskina)

The Juliet Maskina Bra faithfully follows your beautiful curves to offer the perfect shape and all-day comfy wear. This shaper bra made of cotton is soft against your skin. Designed to offer full coverage, this non-padded bra is great for layering under western as well as Indian outfits. Hakoba embroidery designs on the cups add to its classy style.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Seamless Moulded T-Shirt Bra (Shay)

Juliet Seamless Moulded T-Shirt Bra (Shay)

The unseemly lines when you’re wearing a t-shirt will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also give your outfit a jagged unfinished look. The Juliet Shay T-shirt Bra has a seamless silhouette to offer a super smooth finished look and feel. Its moulded non-padded construction and non-wired design offer a snug fit and all-day comfortable wear. Plus, this seamless bra is made of Lycra, which gives it a stretchy fit.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet  Non Padded Cotton Bra (Chandini)

Juliet Non Padded Cotton Bra (Chandini)

With hakoba embroidery details radiating from the bra centre to the edges of the cups, the Juliet Chandini Bra is visually appealing. Its non-wired allows for a no-full wear and all-day comfort. Plus, this non-padded bra is made of cotton that is soft and breathable. You can team this full coverage bra with saree blouses, salwar kameez as well as western outfits.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Printed Bra (917)

Juliet Non-Padded Printed Bra (917)

Featuring vertical seaming and a non-padded construction, the Juliet Printed Bra offers the ultimate comfort. This bra is made of soft cotton to offer comfortable wear and durable use. The polka dot prints enhance its style appeal. This non-padded bra goes well with saree blouses, shirts, kurtis as well as salwar tops.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-padded Shaper Bra J920

Juliet Non-padded Shaper Bra J920

Designed with a medium neckline, the Juliet Shaper Bra can be comfortably layered under all types of outfits, from salwar kameez to tops. This bra is made of cotton to offer durable use. Plus, its non-padded non-wired construction ensures a comfortable fit. Style accents include polka dot prints and a tiny lace bow at the front.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Padded Lycra Bra (J921)

Juliet Padded Lycra Bra (J921)

If you’re looking for a versatile brassiere that can be worn with a variety of outfits, the Juliet Strapless Bra will be the perfect choice. Use it strapless when you’re wearing low back dresses, halter necks, boat neck outfits or even off-shoulder dresses. You can put the adjustable straps into the loops and use it as a regular bra with other outfits. This bridal bra is padded and wired and will give you a push-up effect. Made of Lycra, this padded bra offers a flexible fit. A tiny bow detai
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Lycra Bra (J947)

Juliet Non-Padded Lycra Bra (J947)

The Juliet Cool Bra made of Lycra effortlessly stretches to offer a snug fit. Plus, it is designed with an underwire to give a push-up effect. With polka dot prints and a bow details at the front, this underwire bra looks absolutely stylish. It is non padded and offers and excellent fit. Team this comfy bra with ethnic and western outfits.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Hosiery Bra (915)

Juliet Non-Padded Hosiery Bra (915)

If you love wearing deep neck or low back outfits, then you should have a brassiere that matches your dress. The Juliet Hosiery Bra with a deep v-neck will be a perfect choice. It’s non wired, so you don’t have to worry about wire digging into your chest and give you an uncomfortable feel all day long. Plus, its non-padded construction offers a snug fit. With its leopard print details, dark piping along the inner vee edges and a cute bow at the centre, this bra is wild and yet sen
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Moulded Silk Bra (Story)

Juliet Moulded Silk Bra (Story)

Featuring a seamless design with soft moulded cups, the Juliet Seamless Moulded Silk Bra is a must-have for those who value comfort. This hosiery bra has a wide V neckline that makes it apt for tees, salwar suits and sarees too. It has adjustable shoulder straps, and a thin back strap with double hooks.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Satin Finish bra (Matinee)

Juliet Non-Padded Satin Finish bra (Matinee)

The Juliet Seamless Silk Bra is made with hosiery material that stretches to a great fit and gives you the perfect silhouette. This bra features a seamless design with moulded cups, making it ideal to wear with tees and everyday outfits.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Pink Non-Padded Bra (J928)

Juliet Pink Non-Padded Bra (J928)

The Juliet Non-padded Seamless Cotton Nursing Bra comes with easy clasps at the cups for easy nursing. This cotton bra is not padded nor wired, making it a comfortable choice for mothers. Offering full coverage, soft straps and moulded cups, this Juliet bra is a must-have in a new mom’s wardrobe.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Fiber Fill Padding Full Coverage Tshirt Bra (61574)

Juliet Fiber Fill Padding Full Coverage Tshirt Bra (61574)

For that curvy silhouette you’ve always dreamed of, look no further than the Juliet Fibre Fill Padded Bra made from stretchy material and cups lined with fibre filling to give you that perfect shape. It features a deep neckline accentuated with a bow in the middle. This seamless bra is great under tees and fitted apparel, making it ideal for sports.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Minimizer Bra with adjustable cushioned straps (61...

Juliet Minimizer Bra with adjustable cushioned straps (61...

Designed to reduce flab, the Juliet Minimiser Bra gives you the profile you desire with its unique design. This cotton hosiery bra features seamless cups with wide underband, broader side panels and fully adjustable cushioned straps for comfort and support. Ideal for workouts, this non-padded bra is a must for curvy women.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Cushion Strap Wire-Free Bra (60884)

Juliet Cushion Strap Wire-Free Bra (60884)

Made from smooth and soft cotton, the Juliet Non-Padded Bra offers a combination of comfort and support. The soft cups are panelled into sections to provide ample support and lift. The broad, shoulder straps are cushioned so they are gentle on the skin. This full-coverage bra has a natural V, scalloped neckline accented with a bow at the centre.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Minimizer Bra (61463)

Juliet Minimizer Bra (61463)

Targeting full-figured women, the Juliet Minimiser Hosiery Bra comes with innovative features such as sectioned cups, wide side panels, broad shoulder straps and side wires for a better contoured bust. Made from stretchy hosiery fabric, you will find this bra ideal for sportswear.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Soft Cup Wire-Free Bra (61331)

Juliet Soft Cup Wire-Free Bra (61331)

Crafted with precision, the Juliet Non-Padded Wire-Free Bra is made from nylon and spandex, and features a beautiful lace imprint design accented with a bow in the middle of the neckline. This bra is seamless, with soft cups and slender, adjustable straps to achieve a perfect fit with tees, as well as salwar suits.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Seamless Moulded Cups bra (61452)

Juliet Seamless Moulded Cups bra (61452)

The Juliet Seamless Moulded Cotton Hosiery Bra is the perfect choice for outfits with deep necklines. This seamless bra features non padded cups that are moulded for shape, and featuring a cutwork design. The plunging neckline makes it perfect for wearing under tees.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Double Loop Bra (Dew)

Juliet Non-Padded Double Loop Bra (Dew)

The Juliet Dew Bra is made of supreme cotton that feels soft and gentle on the skin. With full coverage and double loop shoulder straps, the bra offers a lot of support. Adjustable shoulder straps let you customize the fit to the T. It is non-padded that makes it very comfortable to keep on all day. You’ll love the fact that it is an ideal teen bra that also goes well with saree blouse and salwar kameez with a range of necklines. The little flower detail in the centre looks cute and feminine.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Hosiery Bra (Holt)

Juliet Non-Padded Hosiery Bra (Holt)

The Juliet Holt Bra is made of the super stretchy lira that offers superior contouring and the perfect fit. With a non-padded and non-wired construction, you are guaranteed a super comfy feel with all the support you need. From salwar kameez to saree, the bra offers a great look with any attire of your choice.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet  Non-Padded Lycra Bra (Lisa)

Juliet Non-Padded Lycra Bra (Lisa)

The Juliet Lisa Bra with its gorgeous looks is a must have in any bride’s trousseau. The lace design lends it a wow factor that’ll completely charm you. It is made of the super soft and absolutely stretchy lira that feels great against the skin while offering complete support and a desirable shape. With no pads and no wires, you can comfortably wear this bra all day long with no fuss at all.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Moulded Shaper Bra (Sakhi)

Juliet Moulded Shaper Bra (Sakhi)

The Juliet Sakhi Bra is the perfect partner when you are seriously working out or having the time of your life. Its moulded cups lend a desirable shape and the seamless construction offers a no-show look under the most form-fitting clothes. The non-padded and non-wired construction adds to the comfort. You’ll also appreciate the straps that are designed for fit and movement without digging into the skin. Made of the supreme cotton hosiery fabric lira, the bra feels like feather on the skin. With
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-padded saree blouse bra (Sarangi)

Juliet Non-padded saree blouse bra (Sarangi)

With a cottony fabric, the Juliet Sarangi Bra is comfortable to slip on any time of the year and the hosiery touch lends it a super stretch for the perfect fit and shape. All your traditional dresses will get thumbs up with the desirable silhouette offered by this bra. The non-padded construction is just another feather in its cap.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Non-Padded Cotton Hosiery Bra (Twin)

Juliet Non-Padded Cotton Hosiery Bra (Twin)

The Juliet Twin Bra is a wardrobe essential with its stretch, shape and comfort. Made of cotton hosiery, it is an all-weather pick. The bra stretches to offer a desirable shape that will flatter any traditional or modern attire you choose to wear. It is neither padded nor wired making it a super comfy choice any day. The horizontal seams deliver balance to the entire look of the bra. So, go ahead and show off a very desirable bustline with this amazing Juliet Bra.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Sonata Bra

Juliet Sonata Bra

The Juliet Sonata Bra is a great pick for regular use. It is made of cotton hosiery that makes it soft to touch and gentle against the skin. No wires and no pads make it that much more comfortable to wear throughout the day. With a deep front, you can confidently wear this Juliet Bra under low-cut necklines. The cute little bow highlights the feminine look.
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet Bra 60360

Juliet Bra 60360

When you want a more streamlined look, go for the Juliet Minimizer Bra that takes care of the abundance by means of redistributing the tissues. Moulded cups have a desirable shape that matches yours for a more enhanced look. You may then go ahead and confidently wear your favourite form-fitting blouses and tops. The bra offers full coverage for maximum support. Cushioned elastic straps are gentle on the skin and let you move freely. With hook and eye closure, you can get a customized fit. No wi
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet bra 61597

Juliet bra 61597

The Juliet Bra is specifically designed for a fuller figure and offers a toned down look, so you can confidently don your favourites. The soft cups lend shape and offer full coverage for maximum support. From sarees and salwars to tops and kurtis, this bra is perfect to go with anything. The seamless bra has a smoother appearance and the wireless, non-padded construction makes it a comfortable choice. Made of a high-quality blend of polyester and nylon, the fabric is soft to the touch and gen
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Bra,Juliet,Juliet bra (919)

Juliet bra (919)

Stay comfortable and feel stylish from the inside with the Juliet Bra. Made of cotton hosiery, this bra is absolutely soft and easy to maintain. With its wide neckline and thin straps, this printed bra is perfect for layering under all types of outfits, traditional and modern.
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